Document Management

Project Description

Nea Odos is a Joint Venture with multiple stakeholders that leads the design, construction, operation, exploitation and maintenance of the national road network of Greece. A new project with a total budget of about 1.118 billion Euros aims to create contemporary and safe motorways of European standards that will contribute to the overall development and progress of the country. The venture had been developing a flexible document tracking and management solution.This presented a particulalr set of challenges – with so many stakeholders there was a variety of documents in different formats and, given the nature of the project, there were strict and complex authorization policies.

Several attempts had failed. The client, now delayed, chose CLMS to develop the applications quickly and bring them back on schedule. We completed the build in two months. They have since commission additional developments from CLMS, including an incident and recover solution system, used to track and penalize driver fraud at toll-booths using Optical Character Recognition systems monitoring license plates. This has in turn been licensed to the Hellenic (Greek) Police Force. It was built in three months.

Project Details

  • Client: Nea Odos
  • Tasks:  Architecture and System Design, Development, Upgrades