Industrial Symbiosis Ecosystem

Project Description

To produce a Web Based Platform for Industrial Symbiosis communities, offering automation, supporting SMEs and enabling public administrators (municipalities, regional offices) to implement their environmental policy.

Industrial Symbiosis is an association between two or more industrial facilities or companies in which the wastes or byproducts of one become the raw materials for another. Within a digital industrial symbiosis ecosystem, companies improve resource efficiency, trade material, energy or water and share assets, logistics services and expertise.

CLMS worked on the development of the eSymbiosis Platform, which:

  • Is a bilingual web-based platform which enables users to participate in industrial symbiosis.
  • Supports ontology-based semantic matching of shared and requested resources in order to identify possible synergies.
  • Integrates collaboration tools to enables stakeholders’ communication within the same environment.

Project Details

  • Client: European Commission | LIFE+
  • Tasks:  Functional Analysis, Development, Portal Design