Toll Violations Tracking

Project Description

CLMS designed and implemented the extension of an existing violations management system, to include procedures followed by the Police regarding:

  • the legal prosecution of toll violations,
  • the ability to support violations from central toll stations.

The project focused on:

  • Upgrading the current system to the latest .NET and Web technologies.
  • Re-engineering the existing authorization system of the application to support permission-based access control.
  • Defining new roles and permissions to support the access of new user groups to the application.
  • Modifying the database schema to include toll stations.
  • Extending funcionality in order to include video information and details regarding the status of the legal prosecution stage.
  • Supporting the generation of violations reports with incident details and photos based on criteria.

Project Details

  • Client: Nea Odos
  • Tasks:  System Design, Development, Integration